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Jubilee Insurance donates face masks to Children living with special needs affected by Covid-19

Nairobi, 3rd July 2020 JUBILEE INSURANCE KENYA has today donated 2000 face masks to LEA Client Services Ltd, as part of support towards 500 families of children living with special needs affected by the Global COVID-19 (coronavirus disease) pandemic.

This pandemic has adversely affected families supporting the children living with special needs. COVID-19 continues to spreads across the world with immediate and long term social economic effects on national economies and individual citizens.

Following the Government's directives focused on reducing the spread of COVID-19, measures such as working from home, travel restrictions, the closure of schools, the suspension of public gatherings, and a nightly curfew has led to many of these families losing their livelihood because of job cuts or businesses closure and casual jobs among other difficult situation.

With directives on closure of all institutions of learning, these children are now home and in dire need of support to enable them to access nutrition, educational materials, physiotherapy, and psychotherapy that they would ordinarily receive in their various special needs schools. Schools and learning institutions are a haven for these children, where they rely on for their well-being and development in order to learn.

It is therefore critical for the country to extend available social assistance programs to provide such households with food, water, and other basic supplies to cope with the crisis. Many of these poor households depend on basic needs supported by government and their partners to reduce chances of them running out of basic essentials to support their families. It is for this reason Jubilee Insurance Kenya has supported these families of children living with special needs with 2000 face masks for their young ones.

Giving is not just about making a donation; it is about making a difference. With this noble initiative by LEA Client Services Ltd by providing an opportunity to help these children as they adjust to a new routine as caregivers are struggling to provide basic needs for them, both teams have made a great difference.”

“Our focus as LEA Client Services Ltd is to raise funds that will aid in these children’s health, nutrition, education and psycho-social support created by long period of self-quarantine. We are truly grateful to Jubilee Insurance Kenya for their generous support. We will ensure the Masks reaches the deserving children said Wambui Karanja, LEA Client Services Ltd Founder and Managing Director.

Kenya currently has over 850 registered children’s homes and approximately 54 registered schools with special needs. The country also has more than 50,000 children living with special needs adversely affected by the covid-19 pandemic.

Dr Patrick Gatonga emphasized that they are excited to collaborate with LEA Client Services on this noble initiative.

LEA Client Services Ltd, continues to seek support from partners to come together in support of these families adversely affected by the global pandemic as they adjust to the new routine.

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